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Planning, management and control of your building project from a single source.

Preliminary design



Elaboration of the basic proposed solution including investigation of alternative possible solutions according to the same requirements and their evaluation.



Planning, design and technical calculations for building and house technology, electrical engineering, building physics and fire protection, as well as basic solution with the essential system parts.




Working through on the basis of a preliminary, draft and submission planning, as well as implementation-ready solutions for the systems.



Creation of submission documents with entry of the required dimensions, material specifications and textual explanations as the basis for submission to the authorities, as well as supplementing and adapting the planning documents, descriptions and calculations.

Technical overhead line


Conducting the necessary negotiations with authorities, technical participants (special experts) and other third parties associated with planning in agreement with the client.

Commercial management


Price comparison and award proposal, cost control.

Construction supervision and cost control


Supervision of the execution, regulations and rules of technology on the construction site, as well as deadline control up to the project completion.

Building acceptance


Transition from the construction project to the finished building.



Creation of the specifications.

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